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Submission of articles


These recommendations may be amended without prior notice by the Editorial Board.

Any article submitted for publication in Gestion 2000 will have to be sent by email (attached in a WORD document) to the following address: solange.simons@ichec.be.

Articles should be accessible to all (specialist or non-specialist in a field / of a method) and thoroughly written.

Any article submitted to Gestion 2000 is blindly assessed by two readers from the academic world.

Each article will be submitted together with a short abstract (about 10 lines) in French (including title) and in English (including title). Five keywords in both French and English as well as an exclusivity clause will also be required. Should the exclusivity clause be missing, the article will not be submitted to the reading procedure.

The author (or authors) name(s) and first name(s), his/their institution(s), his/their function(s) and the title of the article must appear on the cover page of the article. Personal details and e-mail address of the author who is to receive the Evaluation Committee's reaction should also be specified.

Authors must be careful that the text can't allow them to be identified.

Articles should not include appendices (grids, schematic diagrams, pictures … ) as these should be presented in the text.

Articles should meet the specified lay-out standards (cfr "lay-out standards"). Texts that do not respect the procedure and lay-out standards will not be submitted for reading.

The submission of an article implies that its author agrees with the publication of his text, both in printing and on-line.

When the article is accepted for publication, each author will provide a digital ID picture.

A publication certificate will be delivered upon request.

Any published article will entitle authors to receive a free copy of the Journal number in which their article is published.