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Lay-out standards

Articles should not exceed 15 pages (schematic diagrams, grids and biography included).

The article sould be single-spaced on an A4.

Margins will be of 3 cm on all sides: on the top, below, on the left and right hand-side of the page.

Paragraphs will be justified and the pages numbered (on the right in the footer).

Footnotes will be chronologically numbered for the whole document and should not be overused.

The text body should not contain any bold, italic or underligned character.

The different parts of the text should be numbered as follows:

There should only be two hierarchy levels in the text: titles and subtitles. Each title/subtitle should be preceded and followed by a line break.

The introduction and the conclusion are not considered as titles and will not be numbered.

Grids, schematic diagrams, pictures, … will be chronologically numbered (Grid 1, Grid 2, … Picture 1, Picture 2, …) and should be treated independently from the titles and subtitles they relate to. They must be preceded by a short title and clearly refered.

Guidelines for the bibliography:
The author(s) will refer to the AFNOR standards (French standards) or to American standards (for articles written in English).

Font :
Author(s)'s name(s): ARIAL 14 bold
Title of the article: ARIAL 16 bold and framed
Text body: ARIAL 12

Introduction title:  ARIAL 14 bold, not underligned
Title 1. : ARIAL 14 bold, underligned
Title 1.1. : ARIAL 12 bold, not underligned
Conclusion title: ARIAL 14 bold, not underligned
Bibliography title: ARIAL 14 bold, not underligned

Abstract / keywords:
• Title: ARIAL 14 bold and framed
• Content: ARIAL 12
• Keywords: ARIAL 12