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Historical background

Born from the Annales des Sciences économiques appliquées which were first published in 1936 by the UCL Management School, the Journal changed name in 1970 to be published under the title Recherches et Publications en Management de l'IAG. It was then taken over in 1985 by Professor Etienne Cracco.

Both name and structure changed to become Gestion 2000. Its main objective is to function as a bridge between the academic and corporate world, using a double-blind reading procedure to assess articles. Each article is assessed by two readers; the names of both authors and readers are never disclosed.

Gestion 2000 became independent from the IAG in 1993 and, in 2010, Etienne Cracco proposed that the Journal should become part of the ICHEC Institution's activities.

Present in more than 180 libraries accross the French-speaking world mainly, Gestion 2000 aims at being a non-specialist journal; functioning as an intermediary between theory and business practice.